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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Background Noise

So, I'm sitting here thinking about what to do. I guess I must be moping. The Teen is back with my car and I'm thinking about going to the festival. She won't go. Than I hear the Teen talking "hello Mrs. H, This is the Teen. Hey, are you busy this afternoon/evening? Well, see my mom had plans to go to the Greek Festival and her friend stood her up. Now she is moping and I wondered if you could/would go with her? OK, well, thanks. Yes, I'll tell her, Bye." It doesn't stop there, she calls another friend. I think I'll go hug the Teen. Than I'll take my self to the festival. Spanikoptia here I come.


Teh Teen said...

The conversation went pretty much like this...
Teen: Hi there, this is the teen is Mrs. H there? Oh, well hello, how are you.
(Unfortunately I note that none of my victims were able to understand me at first due to a throat surgery -screaming just before going down the hill on the roller-coaster "Adventure Express @_@ - which I am still recovering from... yes, I currently sound like an aged smoker)
Mrs. H: I'm pretty good, who is this?
me: Its the teen, so um, I've got a question for you, what are you doing this evening?
Mrs. H: Well actually I am kind of buisy right now, we have some company and later we are going to a [insert specific place here & specific time].
me: ah I see,
Mrs. H: Why do you ask.
me: "Well you see, my mom was going to go to the Greek festival with a friend, but her friend couldn't make it, so she started moping, so me being the beloved, teenage daughter decided to steal her cell phone and madly ravage her phone- book for a list of her friends.
Mrs. H: ... I see, well I'm sorry I cant make it then. I hope you have fun : )
Me: Thanks ok bye
Mrs. H: Bye

^_^ I love you mom, thats my job, watching out for ya :P

Anonymous said...

Man, too bad I was napping when she called. DH and I had talked about the festival and going....stocking up on our favorite desserts.

and I found the anonymous user button so now I can post to your blog! YIPPEE!