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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another Picture Heavy Post

Yesterday the neighbor kids were having a "fun club." A better name would be the "dumb club", but they did not ask me what I thought. The princess running the fun club decided that my Boy was no longer welcome. I decided to take my kids to the park after So's flute lesson. Sa and The Boy had never been taken to flute lessons before. They were less than thrilled to be having to wait. Since it was a nice day the teacher invited us to wait in her back yard. The picture on the right was the fence on the right of her yard. The little yappy dog did not stop barking and yapping the WHOLE time we were there. The big dog shut up after about 20 minutes. About 10 minutes into the concert the dog on the left came out and joined in. The teacher who lives in the middle also has 2 big dogs. While all this was going on a neighbor out front (I'll call him Bubba) who really needed to wear a shirt on was ranting on the phone. I could hear his conversation. Than there was the parent yelling at the teen... This neighborhood has houses slightly bigger than the ones in my neighborhood and WAY more expensive, mainly because of the school tax. As seen in these pictures Sa and The Boy were not happy to be waiting. The boy was playing tunes on my cell phone.
I was playing with my camera. I figured out how to take black and white photos and it is actually quite easy. I also figured out how to turn photos while still in the camera. It is a nice feature to have. Sa fell off the monkey bar and I had to bite my tongue to not say "lets not have a trip to the ER today." Their were many interesting textures to take pictures of.

After flute lessons we went to the park. It was starting to storm and very dark, well, OK, half of the sky was looking very dark. The other half was sunny. So we headed out and started hearing thunder and seeing lightening. I decided to continue to the park, but I told the kiddos that the first rain drop I felt we were leaving. They were not happy, but agreed. This park is very tiny. The kids like it because of the interesting shaped climbing stuff.

I'll have to come back later and finish up. Someone needs my attention.

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