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Friday, June 22, 2007

Banging Head

So wants to be Seung mina at the gaming convention. (Note: No matter how I pronounce it I am corrected) The character is from the game Soul Caliber 2. I asked her to draw me a picture of what she wanted, so she did. That was several months ago and I have given much thought to how the costume would come together. The hardest part for me on sewing costumes is figuring out how. This week I started sewing it. Sorry no pictures were taken. Anyway when I was ready to start I asked again, so this is what you want? UM, no that is not exactly what I want I want this. OK, now you are sure this is what you want. YES! So I start sewing. ARG. IT is hard. I got the bottom half together and she said it was 4" too long. RIP! Now it is 4 " shorter but now the top edge is not lining up with the other piece.

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