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Friday, June 22, 2007


It’s been 5 weeks now with no sugar. I was complaining that my clothes were tighter rather than looser. It is weird because I am eating less. I am really less hungry than I was. Two friends suggested that I try cutting back on salt. I did and I remembered that about 2 weeks ago I took off my rings because they were SO TIGHT. Anyway 2 days on no salt and my fingers are a lot smaller and my jeans are a lot looser. Sigh! Oatmeal with out salt or sweetener is just... oatmeal. The other night I went to Red Lobster with my friend and their tartar sauce was so sweet I could not eat it.

1 comment:

Symbiosis said...

Ya diets are no salt, no carbs, no fat...blah blah...I have been on one diet or another most days of my adult life. Its just another thing to worry about. I dont know if people who are genetically skinny know how blessed they are!