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Monday, May 21, 2007

Tired, Tired, Tired

What is in the water? I am so tired. I feel like I'm crawling through muddy muck.

I had breakfast with my friend this morning. I love her so much. She challenged me about why I am leaving certain things undone. Today was the last day Sa and So went to tutoring so they had a party. So brought home chocolate chip cookies. I asked her to hide them. I have had no sugar since Friday. I put some honey in my tea about as small a drop as you can get out of the bottle. I'll be going to the grocery store later today. No flute lessons today or next Monday. We can't find So's math book. I expect her to finish this book so we need to find it. Did I mention I am organizationally challenged? The Teen is going to a concert tonight. They will hear someone named Fall Out Boy. I've never heard of them and may I please not have to listen? I really like the girl she is going with so I OK'd it.

Yesterday we went to Tall Guy’s high school graduation. It was amazing and awesome. He was the valedictorian. He was voted most likely to succeed. He was president of the student counsel. He had the first chair in orchestra and band. He got addressed by the choir director about his achievements and by the Pastor because of his commitment to helping with the scut work at church so faithfully.

Did I fail to mention he graduated in a class of one?

We have known Tall Guy since before he was tall. The Teen met him when she was in kindergarten and we lived around the corner from them.

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