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Saturday, May 5, 2007


The neighbors are having a yard sale. My kids decided to also have a yard sale. They carried out the table, set it up, hauled out their stuff, priced it, and are now in business. It was kind of funny because The Boy was upset at the beginning. Last time I had a yard sale was several years ago. He remembers what a huge ordeal it was. Part of the hugeness was that being several years ago the littler kids were 4,6, and 8. I was trying to increase profits so I sold GOOD coffee, amazing blueberry muffins and monster cookies while the kids sold lemonade. When they were talking today about what to do about the yard sale The Boy got up set and said "who will make the cookies to sell, who will make the lemonade?" So far they have had 2 sales, the same customer twice. It's the 2y0 from next door. I said "his money spends just like everyone else's."

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