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Sunday, May 6, 2007


Ya know that totally looks spelled wrong to me. Anyway yesterday we went to the mall. It was my sweet Dh, me, The Teen, Sa and So. The boy was at his friends. I wanted to go to GNC. I have been using Shaklee vitamins but I have heard good things about GNC stuff so I wanted to try their multi's. We were checking out and the guy helping us asks "do you guys homeschool?" AAK! Now, there was a time when I used to love being asked that question. Really I felt it was my job and responsibility to tell the world about HSing and that you really could teach your child at home. I don’t so much feel that way anymore. At this point in my life I want to just quietly go about my business. Doing what I think needs to be done, but doing it with out rousing much suspicion or having to answer questions. So this guy asks the question and I’m thinking ‘should I know you?’ or worse ‘do you know me?’ or ‘did I miss something here?’ I answer “yes, we do.” He says “that’s great! You can always tell the families who homeschool.” He goes on to say “he taught PS for many years and when the HS kids come in they always have a great vocabulary.” I breathe a sigh of relief. Just yesterday I was in another conversation where several moms were talking about grammar mistakes that bug them. I had to just smile and say “I don’t get it.” I did not see mistakes there nor do I see them here. Thankfully my kids get it.


San-Dee said...

this is weird instead of responding to an email. Just refound yours about the blog and came to have a look. I love feeling this close to you and the kids. It will probably be months before I find this again. things here crazy-the L girl graduates from college in 3 weeks. when did she grow up?

the Teen said...

That was the most booring trip to the mall I have ever experienced... did I say booring? I ment excruciating T_T Please warn me next time... well ok, you did kind of warn me, but like how was I supposed to know I wasn't alloud to go visit my buds at hottopic, or some how get lost in waldens books T_T
~Signed, a rather boored teen.

Teen said...

Mom... T_T means crying person.
o_o; means that little anime sweat drop.
O_O means OMG (and possibly WTF)
o_o means ok
^_^ means happy
@_@ woa woa slow down yer makin me dizy.
>< Ouch, or oops or something like that.
6_6 er... wasn't me
9_9 roll em away.

Sincerely- a dissapointed teen