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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Yard Mushrooms

I live in a working class neighborhood. My house and my yard are small. My house is bigger than most on my street because the last family that lived here put on an addition. As a result of the addition my yard is smaller than most yards on my street. My Teen thinks its HUGE when she has to mow the grass. Regardless, their is much interesting stuff growing in my yard. Every spring I get out the chemicals and attempt to have the perfect Scotts yard but by June usually I have forgotten about continuing the program. This makes a perfect environment for yard mushrooms. The camera was working when I took these pictures. They don't capture much detail but at least you can see the variety of fungi I found in just one day. I did not bother to identify them although I ment too. I forgot that the newest uploaded pictures ended up on the top and I don't know how to rearrange them into the order that I ment to have them in.

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