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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday Morning

Saturday morning finds me 2/3 awake; of course I’ve been 2/3 awake for about 3 hours now. I finally got up and got some coffee. Yeah, I love coffee. Now that I am more awake I realize I have a headache. I’ve been having the BEST time with my new camera. I took a picture of the weave on my jeans. More pictures of my birthday dinner are coming up. Usually I pick a nice restaurant for my birthday dinner, but we were all SO, SO, SO, tired and wanted quick, really yummy food. So we went to a diner close to the camera shop. It’s too bad this place is not in my neighborhood. It is really good and I’m a food snob. I could have done with out the canned green beans though.

The camera is not an SLR, but I am so very happy with it. This picture was taken about 1cm from my jeans. More birthday dinner pictures can been seen here. I forgot that photobucket puts the pictues in a backwards order from what you upload them so start at the bottom.

1 comment:

mlchilton said...

You know, it's so nice to know I'm not the only one who takes pictures of things most people don't.... like the weave on jeans.... Glad you had a good birthday, Marla!