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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Teen 1 and Teen 2

I have been informed that Sa no longer wants to be called Sa. It was OK when it was just Mom calling her Sa or Saysay, but now that more people started calling her Sa it bugs her. So when I say "Sa" I am told "I have a name and it is x-many letters long." So hence forth she is Teen 2.

It reminds me of when she loved the book The Cat in the Hat...


The TEEN said...

Mom, I am opposed to this.
I liked the unique-ness of my lable name.
Now I feel conformist.
Please think of something more creative. :P

(I love you all)
The teen that has a band : D

Anonymous said...

I love it.... Teen 1 and Teen 2!

Though Teen 1 does have a point about being unique and having a band.....she needs to use her creativity to create a new name for herself!

Hey when will we see a photo of the new appliance?
And how about breakfast next Wednesday - your tall friend that sometimes needs sewing help!