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Monday, March 3, 2008

So, Marla... What Happend with the Oven?

The oven saga.

The guys from Best Buy came on Friday to deliver my oven. The kids had shoveled the snow off the grass around to the back deck. It is much easier to carry things into the house from the back. besides that the front door doesn't work. The delivery guys would not take the oven through the side yard around to the back door. They said the side yard was too hilly. Those of you who have seen my side yard know its almost as hilly as a concrete floor. Anyway this guy would just not go an extra mile or even an extra 50 feet. He said liability prevented him from taking it to the back of the house. I asked him to help me open the front door and he would not. Did I mention this is a BIG guy. Anyway even if he could have taken it into the front door he would have had to go through the hall way and like I said its easier to go in the back door. He would not tell me "NO" he went outside and called the store and had them call me to tell me "NO." So he left with my oven. The store said they would try again to deliver my oven on Monday. I was so angry! The only reason I bought the stove from them was because they we were willing to deliver it this week and I had driven far out of my way to go to this store when the Home Depot which is 1 mile from my house could have delivered it on Tuesday. I was ready to go pick it up, but my dear sweet husband says to wait until Monday and let them deliver it. I humbly waited. I did not say patiently I said humbly.

Monday gets here and since I've not heard from them I call. "Oh, sorry we won't be delivering the oven until Tuesday, because we don't come to your area on Monday." I was now fuming! I said "You will deliver my oven today or you will keep it." They gave me a run around and so I called the store manager who said "is there anything I can do to get you to keep this oven?" I said "yes, DELIVER IT TODAY!" He could not do that so I canceled my order. Than I got back online and went to the Home Depot sight to order my oven. They are changing shipping companies and could deliver it March 12. AAAK! UG!

So I get in my car and go to the nice local company that I should have gone to first. I walk in the door and say I need an oven. The nice guy pulls out a book and asks me to pick out the configuration of the top burners. I pick my first choice. Than we go through the rest of my first choices. He says this is your oven and gives me the price. Cough! Um, I really can't spend that much. So I decide the most important features and than he looks at what he has in stock. They had one that would be fine. They delivered it that day! Did you hear that? SAME DAY DELIVERY! I was so happy. Today I took them some cookies.

I forgot to mention the best part. I opened the front door for the delivery guys and they took 1 look at the hall way and said "can we go around back?"


Anonymous said...

So where is a photo of this new thing that will turn out delightful delicacies and treats?

debbie r said...

I feel your pain and I feel your triumph! I'm glad you got your oven and hope you are enjoying it.