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Monday, February 11, 2008

Moving Moutians

The Bible says to speak to the mountain and say "be thou removed and cast into the sea."

Hello, my name is Marla and I tend to collect stuff. I now find myself in a place where there is too much stuff. So, I am standing at the bottom of the pile saying "stuff, be thou removed and cast into the sea" or "stuff, you are no longer welcome here, you are going in the Name of Jesus." Last week and this week I am getting rid of stuff. MUCH stuff. Videos, books, clothes, junk, toys, its all out of here.


swampy said...

Would you come over to my place with your magic stuff-remover wand?

Anonymous said...

You go girlfriend!!!!

The [intimidated] teen said...

Dearest mother, we would like to let you know that while we are... slightly disturbed by the crazed look in your eyes when you get in that cleaning mood. Or that dangerous tone to your voice, we are very proud of the work you have done. And although we were very frusterated with you when you made us clean out the basement before we could hang with our friend... we still love you. You Go! mom... keep it up... just... DO MY ROOM LAST!!!
~The teen.