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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Welcome 2008

What a ride! The holidays are finally over :) Where's the smiley gif when you need one. The kids are all back to school today. I have a house that needs to be cleaned, sewing to be done, soap to be made and a pile of stuff to list for sale. I'm happy that 2008 is here. I'm looking forward to this being a year of greater stability for me. Two kids are wanting to go to Ohayocon in Columbus this weekend. One has a cell model to build another has an endangered species report to do.

Now for the HUGE blessing of yesterday. I have a very tall friend
(hi friend \o <---that's me waving) who asked me to hem some pants that were too long. Hard for me to imagine since she's like WAY taller than me, but I was happy to do it. I could not charge her because of the many times she has been a blessing to me. Yesterday I returned some hemmed pants to her and she gave me a gift card to Applebees. Yea! Now who can I find to go out to lunch with???


Anonymous said...

You are too funny! Your tall friend and your tall friend's tall daughter were so tickled to get those pants hemmed! I truly appreciate those with sewing machine talents...and you a talented artist!

Your tall friend :)

Marye said...

From your fellow short friend....I have an applebees not soo far away...I can do lunch...
of course the drive would be a pain...

MarlaQuack said...

Well lets see the drive is about 30 hours 1 way. I could stop in KY on the way...