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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Warning! Warning!!! Orange Hawaiian Punch

This product should come with a BIG WARNING LABEL! In the past we have had problems with a kid and red Hawaiian Punch. Since that kid avoids this beverage I did not think any more about it. Until last Wednesday night. Now I think this product needs warning labels on it. The evening started pretty innocently, a kid went to a function and a snack was served. The snack was cake and orange Hawaiian punch. This child had never had this drink before. When I picked up the child they were pretty wound up, but sometimes they are so I did not think much of it. After we were in the car for about 5 minutes the kid was talking a mile a minute. I kept telling said kid to settle down, but it just was not happening. When we got home the kid was running in circles, talking fast and blinking their eyes. I was like "what is up with this?" Their behavior continued to get more and more bizarre. They were shaking all over talking fast, their eyes were very dilated and blinking fast and they were running in circles. Their right leg was shaking the worst. If you held the leg still the left arm went wild. If you held the wiggling pinky still, the thumb started swinging around. After about 10 minutes of this I was loosing it. My sweet DH came in and asked if maybe we should give said child some Benadryl? I said "YES" great Idea because clearly this is an allergic reaction to something. I gave some Benadryl and lots of water. It was hard to get water into the child because they kept spilling it down the front of themselves. About 1 hour after we gave the medicine we left the child on the sofa in the dark with a blanket and pillow. It only took about 5 minutes for them to fall asleep. Thankfully it was over, but it was very scary! Only once before have I had a child this out of control and that time they were also hallucinating. That time I took them to the ER and they got Haldol. This time the kid was happy. VERY, VERY, VERY happy! The word MANIC could discribe the behavior. Scary!


Anonymous said...

Wow - no clue it could do this kind of thing. Said child must be hypersensitive to something in the drink?

JoAnn said...

Each company is responsible for their own safety testing which is why the FDA doesn't require labeling of possible reactions. That's really screwed up!

BUT.... there is now testing proving the link between these additives. I just posted it in my cafemom journal yesterday! Here's what I posted:

The Organic Consumers Association reports:

The experiments (on food additives) were done in laboratory conditions and the additives were combined in concentrations that theoretically reflect the compound that enters the bloodstream after a typical children's snack and drink (2).

Risk of toxic additives, in isolation or in combination, is evidently most high among infants and children. Age is an important susceptibility factor, with infants and young children being most vulnerable to chemical carcinogens. Scientific risk assessment data suggests that infants (newborns) have a limited capability to detoxify due to premature development of the liver and drug-metabolising enzymes, furthermore their extremely small body weight may provoke toxicity.

The fact that young children have higher nutritional requirements, smaller body masses and their diet is less varied than those of adults suggests that they may have the greatest susceptibility to toxic effects. For example, their soft drink and dairy consumption alone may be as much as 16 times greater than that of adults (3).
Read the full article here.

If you're on cafemom too, you might post this to your journal and get the word out there too! If not, let me know and I'll post it, k?