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Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Christmas Cheer

Today while I was surfing the blogs I visit regularly, some of which I have yet to post links too, I found this. Sea Spray writes a great blog! And, it is a wonderful life. The grammar police are probably going to visit me after this post.


SeaSpray said...

Hi Marlaquack-you warmed my heart on this snowy,icy wintery day with your kind words. Thank you! :)

When you talked about the grammar place -haha...I thought you were talking about me because I forget punctuation/sentence structure etc. all the time. I have a second blog..that I don't advertise (Chanson D'hiver)because it is more like a diary or something more personal and I am guessing boring. And I don't worry about typos-my excuse being that I just want it to be a free flow of thought because often times you go back and what is said in between the lines is more important. Plus I like the colors...just another toy to play with. :)

Actually I drove through this slippery stuff to get to urodocs earlier for a test. He got hung up in the OR but nurses could do it which is good because it will be covered while deductible is met. Then I white knuckled and prayed all the way home.

You have a great blog and i can see you are arty. Did you make the elephants? Awesome!

SeaSpray said...

Grammar police :)

MarlaQuack said...

Thanks Sea Spray! The elephants were a home school project last year. The grammar police is my 12yod.

SeaSpray said...

I would become apoplectic if I had to help with that school project!My kids usually wore store Halloween costumes and I just don't have the vision to pull off the creative stuff. :)

Really cool project though.