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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Soap and Stuff

Yesterday was dress sports like at The Teens school. Did I mention she goes to a school that is for artists? Anyway she wanted her picture taken so I am posting it here. First she put on The Boy's shirt than she put her dad's Terry Tate shirt on top of it. Since the Tate shirt came down below her knees she did not wear it all day. We all laughed at how well The Boy's shirt fit her.

So is feeling better today, but Sa stayed home because of an upset stomach.

My first attempts at hot processed soap came out very well. I learned some things that I will do differently next time. I don't really understand how if you put ingredients into a crock pot add stirring and heat you can end up with something that the ingredients list does not even contain what you put into the crock pot.

This was a 4 pound batch of soap. I used the soap calc to figure out how much of what to put in. I was limited by how much of what ingredients I had on hand. Because of the car being broken and having to be dealt with and So being home not feeling good I got a later start on the soap than I had intended. Therefore I mixed the ingredients together before they were as cool as I had read they should be. I don't know what kind of change that may have made. I think this came out pretty impressive. Most of my bars are almost 4oz exactly. The balls are 3 oz. I've never made soap balls before. It was very easy the soap was so soft I just mushed it together. I used some of my cake dec color for the swirl. Next time I will wait until the soap is in the container before I add the swirl. I was not sure how much would fit in my container, so I added the swirl in while it was still in the crock, than I realized I had not done a good job of stirring in the fragrance so I over stirred the swirl.

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