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Monday, October 8, 2007

Nice Weekend

I had a nice weekend. It went fast and was busy, but a lot got done around here. Dh and The Boy built some nice organizational stuff in the garage. Some of the bicycles don't have kick stands on them, so now they hang up easily.

The Teen and I played Munchkin, it is so funny!

Cub Scout popcorn is being stored in our basement. The pile is shrinking quickly.

My old washer has been hanging around here for a LONG time! Last night I put an ad in Craig's list and this morning I awoke to a response for it. Yea! More space!
On that note, Have you seen this new detergent? I know 'all' has been around for years, but this one is new. I had been using Tide only for HE, when someone said try this. I tried it and found it to be every bit as good as Tide for most things for a fraction of the cost.

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