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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

He Loves Me!

Yesterday amid all the morning craziness something amazing, beautiful and fantastic happened. Just as all the kids were being shoved out the door my wonderful husband came back into the kitchen and handed me this. He just said "here" than quickly left hurdling some backpack laden kids to the car. I was much more than surprised. WOW! When the kiddo's came home my boy had a great time getting it out of the box, setting it up and doing a photo shoot. His pictures can be seen here.

On other notes, the green car died yesterday and hopefully will be reserected today. Thankfully it made it to the school parking lot before it refused to restart. I plan to make hot process soap today. I bought coconut oil at Walmart for $1.50 per pound. If I order 50 pounds I'll only save $0.30 per pound, so I think for a while this will work fine.

Any one want to sponsor some kids in a walk a thon? How about some pies for Thanksgiving or some fantastic pop corn?

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