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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So I've been hiding for a week now. Not really! What I've been doing is running around almost like a crazy person, oh, wait I am a crazy person. OK, What I've been doing is running around.

I've worked out a pattern for some really cool super hero pointy fingerless gloves for my boy. I wanted to take a picture of him wearing them so I could offer some for sale, but between handing them off and saying "oh, hey I want a picture" they were lost. He's now found 1, but I have the pattern I just have not had time to make another pair. The injured finger is doing great.

I changed family doctors and now that all the kids have 'met' him I finally scheduled my 'meet the Dr. appointment' He thought I was kidding when I said at the last kid appointment next week you will get to see me and find out where all the craziness comes from, "hee, hee, snort, muffled giggle." After about 30 minutes of going over my medical history stuff he turns to me and says "you have a very interesting medical history, thats not always a good thing. I reminded him of the conversation last week. Anyway he gave me this asthma medicine called Intal it appears to be an older asthma drug that is not so available anymore and there is no generic made. The taste is DREADFUL! and I must use it 4 times a day. It may take up to 6 weeks to experience the full effect of it. If this doesn't solve some of the problems I've been having he offered other things to try instead of what I've been doing which is using albuterol 8 to 10 times a day. I also just started taking singulair which is making me thirsty (a good thing) and helping with the allergy headache.

Last Saturday we went to the Celtic Festival. I/we had such a good time. We got to see Sa's harp teacher preform and it was stellar! We watched some really fun Irish dancing, ate some great food and saw some friends.


Simply Jenn said...

Hi Marla! It's compliment instead of comment day on my blog, so here I am! I enjoy reading your posts on daily living, but what I am most grateful for is the support you gave me during my initial bipolar II diagnosis. I really needed someone who had experienced what I was going through, and you helped me so much.

Your sewing is very impressive, and you always have a kind word to say.

Thank you.

MarlaQuack said...

Thanks Jenn! It's nice to have friends like you!

MonkeyGirl said...

I shall remain thankful that I only have to snort Raid, er, Flonase.

PS: Your Buttercup comment to Mielikki made me laugh.