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Saturday, August 11, 2007


We like to use protein powder. The Teen has a recipe that she uses it for a lot. She mixes equal parts protein powder, honey, powdered milk and peanut butter. It's called peanut butter fudge and it does taste like fudge. Usually I just mix the powder in water or put some in a smoothie. I have tried many different brands of powder. I like the Shaklee brand and had recently switched to GNC. I found out I can't use the 100% whey stuff so this last time I decided to look for something else. I started reading labels and found out that all the flavored proteins had some form of sugar in them. Since I try to avoid sugar I was very happy to find an unflavored container.

Now I know why they flavor it and put sugar in it.

1 comment:

jjkadaba said...

Hi Marla, I'm JoAnn and I'm finding your blog very nice!
I noticed one of your links is about a protein shake.
Maybe you'd like Shaklee's "Cinch" Shake mix, it's made with rice protein. Does that produce the same side effects as whey protein? Just wondering. Here's a link
where you can look at the label to check.

As for the sugars, there are net 9 grams of sugars. My
sister uses a diabetic shake from MediFast that has 3 net
grams of sugars, but she said most people tell her they
don't like the taste. Oh well, that's why they add the
flavor and sugars, right? LOL

I try and stay away from sugars too. I just bought some
organic sugar. Tastes the same, it has a light brown hue
to it, but not as dark as raw sugar.