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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Middle of Wednesday Night

So far I have made 2 cute purses and a pair of size 5 kid bloomers minus the elastic. I'm waiting for the elastic and sewing machine needles to arrive. Of course it would have helped had I given them the right credit card number from the beginning. I ordered some stuff from CTSUSA. They have amazing prices on some sewing stuff that I use a lot of. An example is I usually pay between $3 and $5 for 5 sewing machine needles. Depending on how badly I need them and if they are on sale. I just bought 100 for less than $12. It is a different brand that the local sewing store carries, but it is a brand I have used before and liked. On the purse I posted a picture of below. I broke 8 needles on that stupid beaded trim. Anyway now I am working on a fall color tote. I like the colors and it should come out nice. The hardest part of this is writing descriptions of my stuff.

I am looking forward to Thursday. My snap machine should arrive and my friend G and her family should be here in the evening for a visit. She and her family will be in town to visit the new creation museum. I think I'll bake a blueberry cake for them along with some chocolate brownies.

I am so happy with the kids new school. Two of the kids LOVE it. The other one is still adjusting, but has already made several friends.

It was only 100 degrees here today and I went to get some lunch. When I got back into the car it did not feel like starting. Sigh. About 20 minutes later it decided to work again. I miss my car. My teen now uses it to go to school. She started school today and it was GREAT! She loves school. She went on and on about what a good day she had. She has 2 online classes. She is already 25% done with English but has not yet started the math.

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