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Sunday, July 29, 2007


Its high summer and I've been moving at a sloth’s pace. Slowly morphing from one air conditioned space to another.

My favorite consignment store had a sign up asking if anyone wanted to buy the place and the door was locked. Sigh!

I bought some really nice glasses at the thrift store yesterday. I like to drink out of glass glasses. I have a problem here because they usually break pretty quickly. These new ones are thicker than the last several sets.

Thursday Night I dragged some children to the park to hear the civic pops concert. I did mean DRAGGED! It will be a tough fight to drag them again. They um, did not enjoy it. I smiled and said it’s your culture exposure for the month. They've been spoiled by stuff like gaming conventions.

Next month I'm hoping to take them to visit my friend who lives WAY out in the country for a few days. Shock their systems with no TV, video games or indoor plumbing. Let them see that some people actually have to work out in the garden in order to have enough food to eat. It has been suggested that I'm cruel to even suggest this. I'm really looking forward to visiting my friend and helping her with her sewing business. I hope this link keeps working. She sells natural feminine protection.

Tuesday I'm going to DRAG the kiddos to COSI.

Next weekend I think I'm going to have a party. If you have my phone number, call me for details. I guess I'll have to call a certain friend and invite her. She missed the last party and begged me to have another. I smiled and said if you will come and help me clean my house to get ready for the party I will have another. She smiled back and said sorry she really could not do that. I smiled and said than sorry I really can't have another party. Since my house is half clean this week I think I can pull this off. Plus I'll make the teen help. Being house cleaning challenged makes it a real challenge to host a party. I would like my house to look presentable when people come over. In other words clutter stashed away.

1 comment:

Simply Jenn said...

That is so scary! I'm so glad you're okay and extra glad you're feeling better