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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Carpet Cleaning

It's been awhile since anyone cleaned my carpets.

It went something like this. MIL has a carpet cleaner. I decide to clean the carpets. I borrow MIL’s carpet cleaner. I tidy up the family room and get it ready to clean the carpet only to discover that the machine doesn’t work. I call customer service and after discussing the problem I am told to take it to the service center. I call the service center and am told that it will be $45 to look at it if the cost of the repair is over $90 they will call me. Humm, I have the receipt stapled to the instruction book and the machine only cost $169. I know I can rent a machine from the grocery for $22. What to do? I was kind of siked (SP?) to clean the carpet even though only the family room carpet is all picked up and vacuumed. I decide to rent a cleaning machine. I stop on the way home from the silly’s adventure and the grocery is out of them. DH gets home and needs to run an errand. I ask him to see if the other grocery has any cleaners and they do. He picks it up at 7:00pm I clean carpets until about 11:00pm. I begin again at 9:00 am and work until about 12:30 when I need to take the kids somewhere. I get home around 4 and clean carpets until 6:50 when it is time to return the machine. In addition to paying to rent the machine I paid $18 for the machine brand carpet cleaner. It was AWFUL! The water it sucked up looked very dirty but the carpet did not look any cleaner. That was when I got the idea to look online. I found the dollar stretcher site and they suggested many things. I tried most of them. The formula that worked best was a combination of Tide HE and OXY clean. I had wanted to go over the carpet until the water being sucked out of it looked cleaner but even with all that work I only got the family room barely done, the hall done and The Teen did the living room. Than I remembered my good friends whom own a bunch of apartments, I bet they have a carpet cleaner. I also remembered that for $89 I could have had 2 rooms and a hall done professionally it would not have taken an entire day and I would not have blisters.

Another ADHD blessing!

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Shane said...

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