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Saturday, June 23, 2007


VBS ended last night. It was a very fun week. This is our friend Fire Fighter. He is such a neat kid. He ALWAYS has a hug ready.

Sa is hugging Princess Peach's twin Princess KaKa. So is enjoying a post VBS cookie.

We have a new friend Smidgens. His big sister went with us to VBS.

Here are some more pix of VBS. Sa's group put on a very cute skit and I was supposed to take pictures of it but the camera ran out of batteries at just that moment. Sorry Sa.

I was so happy with my kids they rounded up 5 extra kids to take to VBS. The went up and down my street collecting money for Abba's Living Water Project. We know Philomina Ogban personally her children are friends with mine. To see this beautiful women you would never guess her background.

1 comment:

The teen said...

A hug and a high five, that is one STRONG dude!