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Friday, June 8, 2007

This busy week

I got almost everything done this week. I will spend today working on the Peach dress, cleaning my house for tomorrow and biting my tongue. PMS and I don’t get along. I got to Oxford and enrolled The Teen in school. I made VBS each day this week. God Bless the creator of VBS. Maybe we will do another one next week. I sent away the kid at the door and made breakfast. I went to the Speaking of Women’s Health appreciation function, the meeting at the church about what they are doing behind my backyard. Yea, the value of my house will go up. I took the kid with the sore finger to the Dr. and helped my mom. I totally screwed up dinner twice. I am a good cook and I like to serve stuff I know DH will like.
I made roast and did not cook potatoes with it only carrots. I was informed he likes potatoes with roast. OK, check next time you will get potatoes and last night I had cut up chicken for chicken pie and he saw it on the table. When he walked back through he said “what happened to the chicken? OOPS, I um, am making dinner with it. Chicken pie is now at the bottom of the things to make for dinner list. Did I mention that this is PMS week??? Maybe I’ll roll some peanut butter in cocoa.

While in Oxford we went to the formal gardens. It was very beautiful. The pink flowers at the top smelled amazing!

I hate blogger. Why did it have to take me 45 tries to get the pictures like this, which I find acceptable but not how I wanted them.

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