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Saturday, June 2, 2007



When I teach the children about principals to insure a happy life my teachings always include “get married before you have kids.” I understand that even with this safety net in place things don’t always work out. When they don’t work out and kids are involved it always causes sadness. We go through this every summer and Christmas break. Sa’s BFF Roo is leaving today. She will be gone all summer, coming home just before school starts. This is a very sad time for Sa and us. Sa will be forgetting much of her sadness today because I will be taking her shopping for some new clothes today (she just won’t stop growing no matter what we do). Also she will be attending a Pokemon tournament this afternoon.

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The Teen said...

Ahh poke'mon... this subject saddens me. The game which could have had such potential and rarity, had digimon not come to America, and had poke'mon not extened it self into more than 3 self-righteous ridiculously repetitive seasons. I still remember the good old days, when Ash's voice actor was actually good, and when Misty was still fumming over her stupid bike, and oh... well...Brok hasn't changed much, still acts like a letch.

What has our society become? Well if you havn't noticed, daily routine pokemon, is just the same freaking episode, with the same awful voice actors, with different names and obscure hairstyles ever... its like ... de ja vu... hello... get a life.

~The teen

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