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Sunday, June 10, 2007

3 Weeks 2 Days

No sugar for 3 weeks and 2 days. When am I supposed to feel better? Actually I am eating less, it is kind of weird but I am less hungry than I was. My sinuses are more opened but still needing nasonex. I still have not hemmed the Princess Peach dress and it is staring at me right now.

I have a bunch of crap I want to take to a flea market but, since it’s been YEARS since I’ve been to a flea market I want to go and get an idea of what it will take for me to be comfortable there all day. Will I need something to lay stuff on do I need to take a rack for garments? Jim says it’s like the place in front of the old Rinks store but frankly I’m afraid to stop there. It just looks so groty. My bil and sis have been going to flea markets and making lots of $$$. I have plenty of junk and need some $$$.


Ms-Ellisa said...

Make sure you don't need some kind of license or sth before you go... You wouldn't want to get in trouble for no reason :-)

MarlaQuack said...

At a flea market you generally pay like $10 or $15 for a space to sell stuff.

swampy said...

Why would anyone go to the market to buy/sell fleas?

MarlaQuack said...

Thanks Swampy, now I have to wipe my drink off the screen. Think Giant garage sale but the garage is not for sale just the stuff in it.