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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A New Day

We've been having a problem with ants. I consider any bug in my house fair game to be squashed. When the bugs start outnumbering the people by 50 to 1 its time to do something about it. These were little ants. Several years ago we had carpenter ants they were AWFUL! Anyway after paying the exterminator tons of money I wised up and found out where they were getting their chemicals. So last year I went to lesco and bought a sprayer and 10 years worth of chemicals for less than 1 visit from the exterminator. Yesterday morning I sprayed the house. I forgot how much I am affected by these chemicals even with no odor. I was weepy for hours. I was going to call my friend Marye but, by the time I called Teal Shirt and asked for Marye’s # because somehow I did not have it in my phone and I talked to TS for a while and found out what is new in her life I was not quite so weepy any more. Also I went to Half Price Books and bought a copy of one of my favorite books that I have read 5 times. Than I got lunch and read my book. I was feeling crappy so I went to bed at 6:00pm. This morning blogger was down. So Miss Marye, there is your update on my life. I think you shoud move near me...

Oh, yea, I now have 4 iris blooming

1 comment:

Marye said...

I am sorry you didnt call...but glad you are feeling better! The irises are gorgeous...We planted some this year so hopefully next year I will have them.