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Thursday, April 5, 2007

This Crazy Life

Today will be interesting. The teen will attempt to drive herself to school, its about 20 miles each way. She will take my car meaning I will drive the VAN. I've not actually driven the VAN since last fall but DH put a new battery in it last weekend. I will take Sa to CHMC because she and I got into an ADHD study and it pays very well. YEA! I am so happy that we got in. I did not know that nicotine was a stimulant but they will be testing me to see if a patch gives me the same results that adderall does. That will end with just enough time for me to pick up the boy and go get his best bud from school, drop them off at home, than get my self to the DR for more Adderall which I find indispensable and must beg for. Where is Sa when I need her. I just don't get this grammar thing. I mean I just write like I talk but I can never figure out where to put the commas and periods. I really believe it is a gene. She got it from her dad. I ripped out the bottom of the Princess Peach dress yesterday and have not fixed it yet. I have almost all the fabric cut out for the cover of the harp case, but I miss placed the camera card when I was using Grandma's camera to take a picture. I really need to get to the grocery store the pickings are slim here. Now I need to go light a fire under the teen. Oh, Yea and if you remember my friend Flower from my party, she had the babies. The ones that are not hers. Twins ,and everyone is doing fine. Congratulations Flower and family and the other family. Hey The Teen just got moving on her own. I think I'll go check out Ree's Page.

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