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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Teen Drivers

AAK! The teen takes her driving test again today at 2:15 EDT. I will drive 70 miles less a day if she will pass this test. Her dad and I have been sitting in the car with her while she drives through cones. I think she will do well this time. The camera is still dead, but I am borrowing a camera this afternoon to update some things. The dishwasher is still not fixed. Tomorrow I have to take the kids to the dentist. The dentist is 30 miles away in the opposite direction of The Teens school. It would be so nice if I did not have to take her to school before the trip to the dentist.

I have been having the best time looking at other peoples blogs. I will update my blog list soon with some of my favorites. Ree's still tops the list. Sa's harp should be done soon and I am trying to get her harp case done so I can talk to the harp maker about selling cases.

Spencer is off this week for spring break. Its really interesting trying to get school work done with a brother interrupting your every thought.

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