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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Princess Peach

Where I put the bright pink together with the light pink it doesn't lay quite right. I will probably rip it out and try again. I'll be doing some waiting at the dentists office this morning. Sa is OK with how it lays but I'm the one who has to look at it while she wears it.


Anonymous said...

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Susan in va said...

I can only sew patches on my kids AWANA vests...nothing else. So, I admire anyone who can sew.

I've scrolled through your blog - I love the stained glass cake! It's gorgeous! And the "blue hair" post made me LOL!

I noticed that you're a home educator for some of your kids. I'm teaching a second grader and a kindergartener right now. I think I should get some sort of medal or honorary degree for teaching someone else to READ! WHEW! It wears me out!

Nice blog. I look forward to seeing the finished "peach" dress!

swampwitch said...

"... it doesn't lay quite right...?" Are you kidding me? It's sewn together and the child can wear it. You are too talented ! Far too talented. I have some buttons that need to be sewn on...may I mail the articles of clothing and the 79 buttons to you? Me thinks you belong in the Ladies column of yesterday's post, my dear.

MarlaQuack said...

My machine sews on buttons for me. Its not even close to my favorite job.