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Monday, April 23, 2007


Today has been rather uneventful. Took The Teen to school and picked her up, took Sa and So to tutoring, picked up The Boy. Took So to flute lessons, made dinner than played on the computer.

This afternoon while we were going over Greek Mythology it was pretty cute. Prometheus handed off a box to someone with instructions to not open it. Sa said "oh, its Pandora's box" and started begging me to read on, but alas, it was time to quit.
I had made the mistake of doing mythology before Greek/Roman history. I really enjoy it when they enjoy what they are learning. Than they did an activity from the Roman history activity book. I choose the one that had them write a list of laws for our school.

This is the list of laws they created.
1. No yelling or screaming
2. No causing bodily harm to another person
3. Write your name on all your papers
4. No using electronics without permission
5. Finish your assignments
6. Listen when someone else is talking
7. No excessive intentional noise making
8. No running
9. No name calling
10. No dwadaling

Once about 12 years ago Dh was on his way home and he walked into a tree branch. His eye got scratched and there was some gunk in it. Since the DR.'s office was already closed for the day we were told to go to the emergency room. This was the first time I had ever been to an emergency room and it was a real experience for me. We waited 20 to 30 minutes before anyone even looked at us and said "why are you here" I was thinking "Thank God it was not a real emergency!" I also wondered how many people died waiting to tell them what the problem was. Anyway as I sat and waited the triage nurse was talking to a young lady. I was totally gagging trying to not burst out laughing. This poor misled young lady was explaining about her abdominal pain. Apparently she thought she might be pregnant so she took 5 birth control pills and did some other goofy stuff. Now she was really in pain would they please help her. When she was gone and it was our turn I asked the nurse how she kept from laughing. She told me she frequently had to excuse herself and go around the corner. As for me I just wanted to hear more of these stories. We were sent down the 'fast track' Dh got all patched up and... Now 12 years later I found The march of the Platypi. I am so happy I found this site. I have spent the last several hours howling with laughter.


Pamela said...

You just might enjoy Braden Rules

Thanks for stopping by -- isn't spring great?

Did you identify those flowers for us from the conservatory????

Pamela said...

As for the emergency room visit... my ER Nurse daughter could share some doozies, too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The three girls are very cute, the one of you and #3 is so, so sweet, and that other old lady, well... Great photos.

gypsygrrl said...

oh, thanks for the link to that site!!! marla, i could tell you some doozies from the ER i work in.

never a dull moment ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, how come I never heard that story?
Anyway, I did 'laws' 1-7