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Friday, April 27, 2007


My birthday was two weeks ago. That day I got new tires for the car. Today I had a flat tire. There was a screw in it. I went back to the tire shop and had it fixed. I had to pay to have it fixed. The last place we got tires at sold us a road hazard warranty. This place has no such thing.

Also on the birthday note. About a week after my birthday I got a very nice card in the mail. I immediately called the sender to thank her. She said can you use the gift? Um, what gift would that be? I just got a card. She also told me that she had sent the gift over a week ago. So it was weird that I got the card late with no gift in it.
In my neighborhood about every 2 weeks we get mail that belongs to one of our neighbors. I usually have the kids run it over to where ever it is supposed to go. No more! Next time I will be calling the post office and reporting it. Several times we have gotten packages addressed to the family on the next street over. I feel sad for the person who helped themselves to my birthday gift. Anyway the sender also felt bad and she went and bought me another gift. Thanks, Sender!

My chives are more opened today and my Iris is ready to bloom.

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