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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another Busy Day

It's Tuesday!

Did I mention that The Teen um, lost the privilege of driving? Her mean anal retentive parents took away her drivers license. Thankfully she is on spring break this week so I am able to get some stuff done. Sa and So are going to the symphony today with Grandma. I still need a two way zipper for this harp case. I found out yesterday where to get one, duh the foam store. Anyway I need to get this harp case finished before I call about picking up Sa's harp. The learning curve on making harp cases has been really steep. I am hoping the harp store will want to sell them. When I pick up Sa's harp I will make sure the owner is in. I finally got to Costco yesterday and now there is food in the house. Did I mention that I am really challenged when it comes to writing in complete and proper sentences? Did I mention that I did not get that spelling gene? Thankfully there is usually a kid around who can tell me how to spell stuff. I made 3 loaves of bread yesterday, 1 is already gone, 1 is in the freezer and the other is out on the counter. I'll try to make some more today. Since I've been making bread I really don't like the smell of the bread isle in the grocery. It just smells so stale and artificial. I did buy hotdog buns and some small hoagie buns. I will fill them and put them into the freezer. I already have half size steak hoagies in the freezer. It is so much cheaper than buying the ready made ones. I was buying the ready made steak hoagies at 3 for $6. If I buy a package of 6 buns and a bag of 6 already cooked JTM's and I assemble them with mozzarella cheese and some sauce I get 12 half hoagie’s for less than $8. I’m not too good with math but I think that is better than 6 for $6. The Teen likes them for lunch and the boy likes them as an after school snack. This spell check does not have the option of adding words and that is frustrating. Even more frustrating than that is that Blogger kindly rearranged my words for me 3 times. I’m thinking it may be time to go looking for other blog hosting sites. I pasted this into Microsoft Word to finish and so when I paste it back into Blogger it likes to make my words bold, italic, big, small or another frustrating thing. Sigh!

It’s 11:00am and it feels like I’ve already had a busy day. I forgot to give Grandma the voucher to get into the symphony. Thankfully The Teen was home and answered the phone the third time I rang her. She read Grandma the numbers off the voucher so they were able to get their seats. The foam store did not have the zippers and they sent me to a shoe repair store. I got 16 hotdogs in buns in bags in the freezer and 18 small sub sandwiches in French rolls in the freezer. I was going to mix up cookie dough but AAK! I only have 1 package of the right kind of chocolate chips.

1 comment:

Zephra said...

Reading your post was a view into an ADHD mind. LOL. I am glad you stopped by. I always love reading new blogs.

"If I buy a package of 6 buns and a bag of 6 already cooked JTM's and I assemble them with mozzarella cheese and some sauce I get 12 half hoagie’s for less than $8"

What is JTM's and what kind of sauce> I think that sounds so yummy.