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Monday, March 26, 2007

A Perfect Day

The challenge is to talk about a perfect day.

Aah, the perfect day.
Waking up to the smell of coffee.
WOW, check this out... the house is clean.
Thanks for the yummy breakfast.
Fun projects to do.
The maid service is GOOD! While giving me space they follow me around cleaning up after me.
The kids are well behaved.
Lunch out with the girls.
Afternoon nap.
Party here in the evening everyone brings an appetizer or drink.
WOW, check it out... the house is still clean.


Pamela said...

clean house?????
what a concept.
And I don't have anything like kids running in and out to make it dirty.
It just happens - it's like a poulterguist of dirt I think.

And when is the party?

ChrisB said...

Maid service, clean house and I would love to be a lady who lunches. What could be better.

mjd said...

Clean house and a party...I like parties. My parents use to have parties that they called a pint and a pot, which meant everyone brought a drink and some food. As I wrote that, I realized that some might think something else. Your day perfect day sounds lovely.

MarlaQuack said...

You Gals are too funny! The last party was the beginning of September so it's time again. Sa is having her friends over this weekend. As the weather gets nicer it gets easier. Last time I had 60 people here in my small house (not all at the same time). I called everyone I could think of that I like and invited them. The food they brought was amazing and wonderful.

Robin said...

Hi Marla, I was searching for something in Technorati and I found your link to my blog. I guess I ran out of steam on this Fun Monday and didn't get to yours, but I wish I would have :). Sounds like a GREAT day to me!

Thank you for including me in your sidebar blogroll, that's always a very nice surprise to discover.

Hope all is well with you on this Tuesday...hope to see you on the next Fun Monday (Bethany at Ice Cream Mama is hosting).